MAXScript Encrypted and Package Formats (*.mse)

This online application helps decrypt mse files ( mse decryption or mse decode). This means process of decompilation (decrypt) mse 3ds max which allow to get an decrypted max scripts. As is known the 3ds max encrypted script has extension *.MSE and is coded in special maxscript secure binary format.


You can’t open these file types for editing in 3ds Max, but you can run them, and you can access them by using the Asset Browser. MAXScript Encrypted file (.mse). An encrypted MAXScript uses a binary format that can’t be read or edited, but that 3ds Max can run as it would an ordinary MS file. For decrypt MaxScript format .MSE you have to do these simple steps:

1. Choose the MAXScript Encrypted file (*.mse) and click "Submit".
2. Find this file in table and look at Demo file. It contents a first 1024 bytes only.
3. Click button "Buy Now" and make payment for $5 (five USD).
4. To email address of your account will be sent a password for ZIP archive. If you specified an e-mail when downloading a file, the password will be sent to this address, too.
5. Download ZIP file and open it with the received password.

ID Date File name Original size Demo file (1kb) ZIP-file Buy (only 5$)!
33 2017-10-11 RBR_Geometry_Export.mse 15952 RBR_Geometry_Export.txt PayPal
32 2017-10-04 extend_borders.mse 22052 extend_borders.txt PayPal
31 2017-10-03 josbalcaen_batch_exporter_importer_0.mse 56694 josbalcaen_batch_exporter_importer_0.txt PayPal
30 2017-10-03 DAS_PolygonCounter1.mse 7074 DAS_PolygonCounter1.txt PayPal
29 2017-10-01 xformer.mse 63567 xformer.txt PayPal
28 2017-09-20 cabinet.mse 30987 cabinet.txt PayPal
27 2017-09-04 morphit.mse 55238 morphit.txt PayPal
26 2017-09-04 polyunwrapper_autoload.mse 1411 polyunwrapper_autoload.txt PayPal
25 2017-08-17 rh_MousePlanter.mse 8020 rh_MousePlanter.txt PayPal
24 2017-08-06 PruneScene.mse 39861 PruneScene.txt PayPal
22 2017-07-28 objectrename.mse 9795 objectrename.txt PayPal
21 2017-07-25 gtaMapIO_Fn.mse 49200 gtaMapIO_Fn.txt PayPal
20 2017-07-24 CreateHoles.mse 20908 CreateHoles.txt PayPal
19 2017-07-22 gtaDFFin_Fn.mse 38812 gtaDFFin_Fn.txt PayPal
18 2017-07-16 aa_rockgenerator.mse 16429 aa_rockgenerator.txt PayPal

ZIP: Coming soon